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2 min readMar 31, 2021


Glitchglyph #100

Autoglyphs and Colorglyphs meets the unpredictability of a graphics card trying to process images. This will be a historic project for this technique and process.


Glyphs 1–8 will be sold for .01 ETH, Glyphs 9–24 will be sold for .02 ETH, Glyphs 25–40 will be sold for .03 ETH, Glyphs 41–64 will be sold for .04 ETH, 65–100 will be sold for .05 ETH, 101–200 will be sold for .06ETH, 201–300 will be sold for .07ETH, 301-400 will be sold for .08ETH, 401–500 will be sold for .09ETH. 501–512 will be sold for .1 ETH.

The Glitchglyph team reserves the right to giveaway select glyphs for community purposes.

The Glitchglyphs were born as a desire for the artist GaperArt, (@gaperartnft on Twitter) wanted to showcase his process of overclocking art through a collectible series. Each glyph is created by the process outlined in this article. Each glyph is 7 different glitch frames + 1 of the original.

The Finale

The finale will be the burning of the graphics card used to make all the glyphs. The burning will be done in a controlled setting through software. We will push the graphics card to the point of no return and render it unusable. Then the card will be dismantled and turned into a piece of wall art. This wall art will be turned into an NFT and put up for auction. The winner of the bid will have the choice of having the actual piece of wall art sent to them. This will conclude the project. We believe that this grand finale of art will send shockwaves through the glitch art sphere and the Glitchglyphs will only gain notability and value.

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